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JKhepera is a Java class library for Khepera mini robots

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 31K
Developer: Kilian Thiel
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JKhepera is a Java class library for Khepera mini robots. It includes a class which allows you to open connections from a host computer to the Khepera robot via a serial interface easily.

Communication between Khepera and a computer is also simple, using methods like "setSpeed" or "readProximitySensors".

In addition, there are GUI classes to display the whole communication for debugging purposes and to control the robot manually.

Here are some key features of "JKhepera":
Open Source - JKhepera is published under the terms of GPL.
Easy to handle communication between Khepera robots and a host computer via serial interface.
The gui component KheperaPanel, to control Khepera manually
The gui component KheperaMonitor, to display the complete communication between Khepera and a host computer for debugging purposes
An Interface KheperaMotionalAlgorithm, that allows the implementation of individual control algorithms (additionally to the existing BraitenbergAlgorithm) to control Khepera automatically.
The KheperaAgent, to control Khepera by an individual algorithm in an independent thread.

J2SE 1.4
javax.comm 2.0

What's New in This Release:
The JKhepera code was modified for Java 5.
All comments are in English now, as well as the documentation.
This version is completely downwards compatible with version 1.0.

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