JPasswords 0.4.0 review

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JPasswords is a password management program with encrypted databases

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Wolfgang Keller
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JPasswords is a password management program with encrypted databases. JPasswords project allows you to securely store passwords or passphrases, together with related management data like username, entry title, dates and textual notes, on an encrypted disk file. Access to such a file is protected by a single secret key that you define resp. can change at any time.

Password entries may be ordered within groups (which can be nested) and displayed in tree or in table view. Upon retrieval of a password, the program assists you by a "copy to clipboard" function to make password or username quickly available in other applications. Several useful service functions around file management, like copy, merge, backup and restore, make this program a pleasure to use.

The format and encryption method for the database file is compatible with "Password Safe" (Version 2) files as created by CounterPane's (Bruce Schneier) program of the same name.

Here are some key features of "JPasswords":
Maximum passphrase length: undefined
Text and passphrase formatting: Unicode, platform- and locale-independent (not for file access key which is formatted on the local charset)
Maximum number of records: limited by given user environment space (main memory or disk space)
Encryption algorithm: Blowfish CBC (Bruce Schneier), 8-byte block modification scheme; complete regeneration with every save action
File access shield: SHA-1, Blowfish EBC
Data security: automatic backup, manual backup and restore
Data communication: can export and import records over CSV format (RFC-4180 or spreadsheet)
Application security: automatic program locking (idle time and minimize), manual program locking, covered text storage
Passwords: automatic random password generation under various aspects
GUI Languages: English, German, Russian, French

JRE 1.4.2 or better

What's New in This Release:
duplicated entries now show the actual time as creation time
improved behaviour of Idle State application frame (does not bounce back and forth any more)

support of PasswordSafe file format version V3.0 (largely improved security status, it is recommended to upgrade all user files!)
read and write of all older PWS format versions
adaptive entry editor design, depending on active file format
conversion of older file formats on file open (optional)
new data field: URL (website) reference
new data area: up to 255 paswword history entries, automatically created when password changes
automated insertion of clipboard text into URL field (if suitable content)
new button to start URL reference in external browser (entry editor)
new button in list display level to start URL reference of a selected entry in external browser
reorganised usage entry index: now discriminates "last used" and "last edited" (very practical!)
new separate info dialog in Help menu: "File Information" shows various deep track information about the loaded file (live updated)

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