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jRipper is an cd ripper and audio converter made in java. jRipper can encode and decode Wav, Flac, MP3, Ogg, AAC(M4A) formats.

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Mikael Hogdahl
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jRipper is an cd ripper and audio converter made in java.

jRipper can encode and decode Wav, Flac, MP3, Ogg, AAC(M4A) formats.

jRipper project is an frontend to cdda2wav, lame, oggenc/oggdec, flac and faac/faad programs.

jRipper can load track names for an CD from freedb.org by http or using the cdda2wav program.

It should work on all platforms that has the right java version (1.5). It has been tested on Linux and Windows XP. The installer contains static versions of cdda2wav, lame, oggenc, oggdec, flac, faac and faad for Linux and Windows.


Not all transcoding variants works. Known problems are:

AAC to Flac (linux, windows)
If jRipper can't be stopped during encoding, do kill the console program running in the background (cdda2wav, lame, ...).


Some of the console applications have been modified to work better with jRipper. faac did get an extra quiet option which means it doesn't print anything to stderr. faad got a few extra fflush after prints to stderr. flac has some error checks canceled! It works for some degree but... So all source for the encoders are packed together for you to download. But it's only the source nothing else, you have to do the compiling all by yourself.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are not converted when you do transcoding.
If an audio file can have meta tags, they will have the album and title data you see in the main window.


Install jRipper with clicking the jripper-install-2005.12.jar file.
Or with the command java -jar jripper-install-2005.12.jar.
After the install you can start jRipper with the icon on the desktop.
If the installer failed to create an icon on the desktop or in the start menu, you can try the following ways:

Double click jripper-2005.12.jar in the installation directory.
Start it with java -jar jripper-2005.12.jar.
Execute run.bat or run.sh.

To use jRipper you have to edit some settings in the setup dialog:

Set the path to the encoder/decoder programs unless you have them already in the system path.
Set the CD device.
Typical values are /dev/cdrom for normal ide drives, 1,0,0 for SCSI or SCSI/IDE emulation.
For SCSI settings run cdda2wav -scanbus as root or as a normal user in windows from a console to get a list of available drives.
Set the root destination folder for your encoded tracks.

What's New in This Release:
Flac support added.
AAC(M4A) support added.
Transcoding between different formats.
Code cleanup.
Bug fixes.
Internationalization support was removed.

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