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KAlarm is a personal alarm message, command and email scheduler

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2715K
Developer: David Jarvie
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KAlarm is a personal alarm message, command and email scheduler. KAlarm project provides a graphical interface to set up personal alarm messages which pop up on the screen at the chosen time, or you can schedule commands to be executed or emails to be sent.

Here are some key features of "KAlarm":
choose whether the alarm should display a text message, display a text or image file, execute a command, or send an email.
configure the alarm to recur on an hours/minutes, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, or set it to trigger every time you log in. You can also specify a repetition within a repetition.
specify that a reminder should be displayed in advance of the main alarm time(s).
choose a colour and font for displaying the alarm message.
specify an audible beep or a sound file to play when the message is displayed, or specify that the message is to be spoken.
choose whether or not the alarm should be cancelled if it can't be triggered at its scheduled time. An alarm can only be triggered while you are logged in and running a graphical environment. If you choose not to cancel the alarm if it can't be triggered at the correct time, it will be triggered when you eventually log in.
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What's New in 1.9.1 Beta Development Release:
Improved alarm edit dialogue layout.
New user comment feedback facility.
New Farsi and Belarusian translations.

What's New in 1.4.6b Stable Release:
This version fixes the problem where KAlarm would hang up on its initial startup.

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