Kanji Lookup 1.0 review

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Kanji Lookup is a simple program which allows Kanji lookup using radical tables

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 42K
Developer: timecop
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Kanji Lookup is a simple program which allows Kanji lookup using radical tables. It requires GTK and a properly functioning Japanese *nix environment.

Possible use for this is to look up unfamiliar characters for which you can't remeber the reading. Result is placed into X11 cut buffer ready to paste into a dictionary program or word processor, etc.

Quick start:

click the mouse into the radical selection area OR
type the radical into the entry box below
IF you made a mistake, you can always press Backspace to clear it.
Entry box automatically auto-focuses. No need to move the mouse.
Select pieces of the character you are looking up.
IF you made a mistake, press Backspace.
If you use the radkfile from this package, you will get readings of the radicals as tooltips in the selection area. If you use some other radkfile (from edict for example) then it will work, too.
In the list under the entry, you will see your possible choices.
At the bottom, the "Total" will count how many character choices are available.
Scroll the candidate window to find what you need
Click on the character you are looking for.
It is automatically placed into X11 cut buffer, so you can paste it into a dictionary or your word processor.
After you click on the desired character, search is cleared and started over, unless -k option is used, then you will need to Backspace over the old search parameters.
Click "Exit" to get out.

If you think this program looks too similar to the radical selection window in Gjiten, well, it is because basically the code for the radical window, along with some other stuff, came from there. However Gjiten's Kanji selector is almost unusable because you have to deal with 2 windows, click the mouse too many times, etc. This is supposed to let you pick character parts quickly, updating the candidate list in real-time, and allow quick, efficient search.

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