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KardsGT is a card game programme that has many of your favourite card games

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: John Schneiderman
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KardsGT is a card game programme that has many of your favourite card games. Each game comes with an exhaustive manual on how to play the game.

In addition to the many wonderful games to play, we also have amazing characters to play against. Each character has their own history and sense of play, giving you a fun challenge as you play.

path is the path to where you want to store your game profile information. This is typically /home/username

Here are some key features of "KardsGT":
Graphical base library
Card logic base library

What's New in This Release:
Added the game of hearts
Added four new players.
Added the ability to select the player(s) to play against.
Now you can load game files directly from the command line with no futher intervention.
Added turn signal indications.
Improved the user profile database.
Bug fix: Graphics no longer blur.
Bug fix: Added delay so you can see the last card played.
Bug fix: All errors are properly handled now.
Bug fix: Card dialogues all now fit within their windows.
Bug fix: All card message dialogues fit within their windows.
Restructured the libraries to reduce compiling time.
Restructured the handbook for better navigation.

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