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KiFi is a wireless networking manager for the K Desktop Environment

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: KiFi Developers
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KiFi is a wireless networking manager for the K Desktop Environment. It allows you to view the status of all wireless cards installed on your system that implement the Linux Wireless Extensions interface (most cards today), including currently associated SSID and signal strength.

With KiFi you can also view available networks in your area by using it's scanning capabilities. Development is currently very active, with our two major goals being the ability to store favorite networks and their settings, and being able to reconfigure a card to a new network without having to remove and reinsert the card or restart your general networking subsystem.

NOTE: You must have Wireless Tools 27pre26 installed in order for KiFi to compile. A link to Wireless Tools 27 pre 26 is provided on the left. It's a very small, but important package.

What's New in This Release:
iwlib from the wireless_tools package has now been imported into the source tree. This should fix the number one issue that has come up of users not having the correct version installed

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