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kio_resources provides the "resources" protocol for KDE

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 381K
Developer: Luke Sandell
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kio_resources provides the "resources" protocol for KDE. kio_resources allows you to browse all installed files in the standard search paths (generally .kde and /usr). The general format of a resources URL is resources:/resource-type[/relative-path].

Thus, to view all wallpapers installed on your system, both in your home directory and in the KDE installation path, you type resources:/wallpaper. If you simply want to look through all the available resource types, use resources:/.

A nice feature of kio_resources is that it always saves resources to the local directory (under your home). That means that, for instance, new wallpapers can be installed under your home dir by simply copying them into resources:/wallpapers.

This makes it unnecessary to be acquainted with the standard paths used by KDE, and it also allows you to edit a system file and save it locally, so that the system version remain unchanged but the edited version is visible to KDE apps.

What's New in This Release:
Direct moving/renaming is now implemented.
Miscellaneous bugs fixed.
Cleaned up the code somewhat.

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