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KJam is a build tool like make

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Developer: Rafael Baptista
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KJam is a build tool like make. It uses a syntax similar to Jam, with more powerful features than the original Jam.

It has built-in very fast dependency scanning, per-target viewpathing, and C-like control flow. It is optimized for multi-processor machines. It can accelerate building by launching build actions on a distributed peer to peer network of build servers.

KJam Build Tool is designed to support large projects with thousands of targets, or projects requiring building on many target architectures.

KJam is designed to be:

Unintrusive and clean KJam is small. It has negligible CPU overhead, and it doesn't create or leave behind temporary files.

Scalable KJam is able to build large projects spread across many directories in a single pass and can manage and distribute build steps to multiple processors on one or more networked machines.

Highly portable KJam currently runs only on Windows, but it is designed to be easily portable. Ports to Linux and OSX are planned.

Multiplatform Platform independent rules and platform specific actions can be defined separately from dependency rules.

Customizable Developers can enhance and extend KJam by creating user defined rules to utilize other built-in directives.

Language KJam includes flow-control statements, variables, and a few other features of general purpose languages.

Automatic Dependencies KJam computes dependencies for its targets during building. There is no need for a separate off-line make depend step.

What's New in This Release:
Many new features have been added, including "timeout" and "retry".
These are designed to help build robust build systems even in environments where your tools can crash or hang unexpectedly.
If you have an action that calls an unstable tool, you can instruct kjam to retry that action several times before reporting an error.
If you have a tool that is prone to hangs, you can specify a timeout after which kjam will terminate the presumably hung process.
There are many other new features and bugfixes as well.

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