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KRadioKRadio project is a comfortable KDE radio application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ernst Martin Witte
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KRadioKRadio project is a comfortable KDE radio application. The initial release was written by Frank Schwanz. In Jan. 2002 I took over the project to add some new features.

Here are some key features of "KRadio":
support for V4L and V4L2 based radio card drivers
NEW: Timeshift playing: press the pause button and later continue listening where you stopped!
NEW: dynamically loadable plugins
NEW: Ogg/Vorbis recording (libogg/libvorbis required)
MP3 recording (libmp3lame required)
attended and unattended recording
database with station preset files, station search
lirc support
alarms (weekday specific if you wish), stations and volume may be assigned, types: start/stop play, start/stop recording
sleep countdown functions
docking menu, includes menu entries for preferred stations
quickbar, toolbar with buttons for preferred stations
icons for stations in quickbar, display, etc.
error logging window instead of nerving messageboxes:)
plugin library architecture, kradio is ready for new radio types (e.g. internet radio), your own radio display, etc.

KDE >= 3.2
QT >= 3.2
A kernel with video4linux (V4L) or V4L2 support. KRadio supports all radio cards that have a V4L/V4L2 interface.
automake >= 1.6.1
autoconf 2.5*
Lame (optional, for MP3 recording)
Ogg/Vorbis (optional, for Ogg/Vorbis recording)
LIRC (optional, for Infrared Control)
OSS support (mixer, dsp/pcm)
Last but not least: a radio card

What's New in This Release:
more saveState fixes
split config pages of alsa,recording, v4l into several tab pages
initial drag&drop support in station selectors, quickbar, docking
v4l power off behavior (mute, volume=0) is now configurable, some cards need mute/volume, some others don't

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