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Krita is a image editing and painting application for KOffice

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 55663K
Developer: Krita Team
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Krita is a image editing and painting application for KOffice. The application is almost ready for use, and the architecture provides a solid framework to build an application on.

Because of the current unfinished state, Krita is not yet part of the regular KOffice releases, but the source is available from the KDE SVN repository. We hope to get Krita into a releasable state for KOffice 1.4.

Krita, like other KDE and KOffice applications, is free software which uses GPL Licensing. You enjoy the same rights to own, copy and modify this software with commercial and personal use, so long as you don't restrict the freedom of others to do the same.

Here are some key features of "Krita":
Painting with brushes and colors
Creating brushes from circles and squares
Filling with colour and patterns
Simple geometric forms
Many filters
undo and redo
Loading and saving of images in its native file format.
Importing and exporting of images in all file formats supported by your installation of ImageMagick.
Adding, removing, reordering and merging of layers.
Layer transparency.
Loading Gimp brushes, pipe brushes, gradients and patterns.
Color selection.
Gray(A), RGB(A) and color models.
Support for Wacom tablets.
High-quality scaling
And much, much more

Or rather, what should it do, and what does it do already:

brushes, drawing and layer editing tools (not complete)
Color management using Little CMS
RGB, RGBA and Grayscale color modes with adjustable color selectors. CMYK is implemented but buggy at the moment.
Import/Export of png, jpg, xpm, tiff and bmp images, including color-indexed images. Import of gif images. (complete)
an XML file format which saves and loads layer and channel information and full 32 bit image data (complete)
color editing and selection tools (partly complete)
dithering, transparency, blending and color reductions (partly complete)
multiple views of the same image (complete)
multiple images in the same view (complete)
gradients and patterns (under development)
cut,copy and paste between images and layers using rectangular area and other basic selection methods (incomplete)
masking of selected regions during painting operations (under development)
user-definable brushes (under development)
adjustable zoom levels (mostly complete)
scaling of images, selections and layers (incomplete)
graphical access to layer and channel information (partly complete)
import/export of xcf (Gimp) image files (complete, in as far as ImageMagick supports this)
embedding in other KOffice apps (needs testing)
user-oriented documentation of all the above basic functionality (incomplete)
Scripting using kjsembed

Other planned features:

HSV, Wet & Sticky and Wet Canvas color models
image manipulation filters for advanced import/export
wide range of region selection methods, including fuzzy selection and boundary detection
scripting with the Python language

KParts architecture and plugins allow:

plugins for effects and operation on images and selections
additional tools
additional filters
components loaded as needed

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