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kroller.sez theme, by lkcl, based on kroller, by caspian

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 598K
Developer: lkcl
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kroller.sez theme, by lkcl, based on kroller, by caspian. kroller.sez theme comprises several widgets which communicate with each other.

Superkaramba 0.38 (available by default with KDE 3.5.1) is required due to the extra advanced features that kroller.sez uses. If you want a good working-point for these new features (other than the examples which come with the superkaramba source code) then kroller.sez is it.

These new features, of superkaramba, include the means to communicate between themes; the ability to read the KDE system menu (no more stupid text files containing menu options); and drag-drop functionality which is used to make programs open up files that are dropped onto the programs on the rollerbar (standard superkaramba cannot do this!)

If you have KDE 3.3 or 3.4, I've made a version of Superkaramba available for download: it requires python 2.4 libraries (/usr/lib/ Using this download gives you a reasonable chance of not having to recompile superkaramba yourself: if you are using KDE 3.3 or KDE 3.4 on Debian/Unstable (which is what I compiled it on) you stand an even better chance.

You will - of course - take absolute and full responsibility for running this code: it is not digitally signed; it is not "official". If you are someone who cannot accept responsibility for your own decisions, then stay away from the download button, and stay away from me.

This theme will load - and activate - other themes. if you don't want it to activate the runner theme, edit and comment out the line "karamba.openNamedTheme("runner.theme", "runner", 1) towards the end of the file.

Also, it's worth noting that there is a LOT of useful code in kroller.sez, for example, which is an object-orientated wrapper around the karamba module. anyone handling themes of the kind of size of kroller.zez (5,000 lines of python) will get pretty irritated with the superkaramba non-OO interface.

Plus, i "sub-classed" the rollerbar itself, and also provide a "transposed" version. bizarrely, the actual transposition is handled by karambaklass (!) which simply reverses the x,y coordinates!


What's New in This Release:
updated the new superkaramba binary and also the theme to match: working with p0z3r to get this stuff integrated into KDE 3.5.1.
made it possible for themes to be excluded from being started when superkaramba is started: this is important as otherwise you end up with several copies of dynamicmenu running, and kroller gets confused.

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