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KTurtle is a Logo programming language interpreter for KDE

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Cies Breijs
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KTurtle is a Logo programming language interpreter for KDE. The Logo programming language is very easy and thus it can be used by young children. A unique quality of Logo is that the commands or instructions can be translated (please see the translation how to if you want to help in your own language), so the 'programmer' can program in his or her native language.

This makes Logo ideal for teaching kids the basics of programming, mathematics and geometry. One of the reasons many children like Logo is because of the turtle, a programmable icon which can be moved around the screen with simple commands and can be programmed to draw objects.

As for now, Bresilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian (Bokm?l and Nynorsk), Slovenian, Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), Spanish and Swedish are available. Please see the translation page for credits about language contributors and to know how to add your language to KTurtle.

Here are some key features of "KTurtle":
an integrated Logo interpreter, no need to download any other program
a powerful editor for the Logo commands with syntax highlighting, line numbering and more
a nice "playground" for the turtle where your commands are "displayed"
translation of the Logo commands in 10 languages: Dutch, English (US and GB), French, German, Italian, Serbian (cyrillic and latin), Slovenian and Swedish
full-screen mode
context help for each Logo command

Most important features of KTurtle that ships with KDE 3.4:


indicative syntax highlighting
printing and saving of the canvas
rotating turtle icon that hints the direction
canvas 'wrapping', so the turtle cannot get lost
fullscreen execution


translatable syntax using XML files
user defined functions (learning)
execution controllers (while, if, for, repeat, break)
dynamic type switching
flexible syntax
execution can be slowndown

Educational features

simplified programming terminology
translated example LOGO programs
much improved error handling and messages
errors link directly to the mistakes in the code
F2 command-at-cursor help
the current command is highlighted in the code

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