KVpnc 0.8.7 review

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KVpnc is a KDE frontend for various vpn clients

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1894K
Developer: Christoph Thielecke
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KVpnc is a KDE frontend for various vpn clients. KVpnc project supports Cisco VPN (vpnc) and IPSec (FreeS/WAN, racoon).

vpnc is a replacement for the cisco VPN client and its used as client for the cisco3000 VPN Concentrator, FreeS/WAN (OpenS/WAN) is a IPSec client for Linux 2.4.x and racoon is a IPSec client for Linux 2.6.x and *BSD. It supports also PPTP (pptpclient) and OpenVPN.

You need vpnc >= 0.2-rm+zomb-pre9.

Note: translators still welcome. Kvpnc is currently translated to Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Hungary, Italian, French, Portuguese Brazilian, Polish, Slovak and Spanish.

Here are some key features of "KVpnc":
Easy to use KDE gui
Docking in kicker
Localized GUI:
Portuguese Brazilian
VPN connection to Cisco concentrator
VPN connection to VPN servers by using IPsec
FreeS/WAN (Linux 2.4.x) support
racoon (Linux 2.6.x/BSD) support
PPTP support (pptpclient)
OpenVPN support
Multiple profiles
Preshared secret support
X509 certificate support
Cisco PCF file import
PKCS12 certificate import
Ping test
Automaticlly setting of routes and firewall rules (iptables) (currently: freeswan/racoon)
Automaticlly network device detection (can be overridden)
Log file writing
DCOP interface
user notification for sucessful connect/disconnect
NAT-T support (racoon/OpenVPN/vpnc)

KDE >= 3.1.x required
vpnc >= 0.2-rm+zomb-pre9 Cisco VPN
FreeS/WAN (OpenS/WAN too) IPSec VPN Linux 2.4/2.6
racoon (ipsec-tools) > = 1.x IPSec VPN Linux 2.6
pptpclient PPTP VPN
OpenVPN VPN based on SSL

What's New in This Release:
disable of getting dns from peer now works (pptp)
path for pkcs12 file on certificate import within the wizard fixed
pptp fixes
chap-secrets will now be cleaned up rightly
if specified, special path for external programs will be now used
pcf import crash fixed
vpnc will now right killed at disconnect
openvpn import now moves cert files to right place
openvpn now works if only a ca cert is set
terminating openvpn process no only kills the from kvpnc started
profile selection now works in all profile settings

New features:
NT Domain name for authentication added (pptp)
support for missing replacedefaultroute at old pppd added
userdefinied mtu for cisco added
support for ca cert and user authentication added (openvpn)
changed info for daemon programs will now shown directly after change
Japanese translation added. Thanks to Yukiko Bando who has made it
http proxy auth for openvpn added

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