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LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting and function analysis

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Stefan Gerlach
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LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting and function analysis. LabPlot support both 2D and 3D plots and tries to emulate most of the functions supported by programs like Microcal Origin or SPSS Sigmaplot.

Here are some key features of "LabPlot":
Versatile data and function plotting

flexible data reading/writing in different formats (including cdf, netcdf, audio, binary, images)
reading of images (over 80 image formats) and compressed data
extensive parser for creating 2d, 3d functions
support for all GNU Scientific Library (GSL) functions and constants
creating 2d, 3d, surface, polar, ternary, and pie plots from function and data files
basic support for GRASS plots
multiple plots per worksheet
data set operations
speed mode for large data sets and data mode for inspecting data points

Easy editing of plots

clone graphs and delete/clone plots
versatile spreadsheet for data manipulation
double click in plot to open detailed dialogs for all settings
every object can be dragged by mouse
online scaling and shifting of plots
evaluating expressions and direct editing of data
data statistics information
drawing objects editing by mouse
free or pan zooming, masking of data points and marker

Analysis of data and functions

average, smooth and prune data
compress, periodical and seasonal analysis
peak find
interpolation (splines, etc.)
regression (up to 10th order)
non-linear fit (also any user defined function with up to 9 parameter)
fourier transform
image manipulation

LabPlot project files

support for different worksheets and spreadsheets using MDI
save and open all worksheets and spreadsheet in a project file (*.lpl)
editable project information
export worksheets as image, ps, svg, eps, pdf and many more formats (using pstoedit or ImageMagick)
many example project files

KDE look and feel

configure default value for plot style and symbols
print and embedded print preview
drag and drop support
KPart for LabPlot projects
KDE handbook (english and german)
simple scripting using Qt Script for Applications (QSA)

What's New in This Release:
added fftw3-3.1.0, qsa-1.1.4

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