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ldap2dns is a program to create DNS records directly from an LDAP database

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 53K
Developer: Ben Klang
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ldap2dns is a program to create DNS records directly from an LDAP database. ldap2dns project can and should be be used to replace the secondary name server by a second primary one. ldap2dns helps reduce all kinds of administration overhead.

No more flat file editing, no more zone file editing. After having installed ldap2dns, the administrator only has to access the LDAP database.

If she desires, she can add access control for each zone, create a special GUI, or use one of the existing LDAP GUIs and add all other kind of zone and resource record information without interfering with the DNS server.

ldap2dns is designed to write an ASCII data file used by tinydns (from the djbdns package), or a zonename.db -file as used by named.

OpenLDAP (LDAPv3 branch)

What's New in This Release:
scripts/data2ldif.pl has been updated to properly handle reverse domains.
Parser bugs in scripts/data2ldif.pl have been fixed.
The missing option -M has been added.
The default record limit has been changed to LDAP_NO_LIMIT.
The LDAP search scope when calculating the checksum has been tightened.
A bug in reading the LDAP bind password from the environment has been fixed.

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