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libMAGE is a Multi-Agent Grid Engine library

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Igor Veresov
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libMAGE is a Multi-Agent Grid Engine library. libMAGE library an experiment aimed to make a programming tool for creation of autonomic systems. We define autonomic system as the system that has the following features:

- The system is composed from a set of intellectual agents. All decision-making in the system is distributed and has a form of self-organization.
- The system is able to adapt to the surrounding environment. This includes adaptation to CPU, memory and disk load, and node failure (self-healing). The system is allowed to allocate additional nodes or redistribute current resources.

In libMAGE every agent of the system can be viewed as a living cell in a biological organism. Every agent contains enough information for construction of the whole organism, however after going through the process of growth, which mimics morphogenesis, the agent gets specialized. Specialized agents form groups and function cooperatively.

boost library >= 1.30.0

What's New in This Release:
Various fixes in threads library.
Unilock schedulers are now in separate include files.
New recursive scheduler has also been added.

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