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Libmpeg3 supports advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Heroine Virtual
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Libmpeg3 supports advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams. MPEG is normally a last mile distribution format but with libmpeg3 you can edit it like a production format. Unless you have a need for MPEG editing and copying, you're better off using a consumer library like FFMPEG.

Libmpeg3 is primarily a supporting library for Cinelerra. It supports all of the nonstandard operations Cinelerra needs. Libmpeg3 provides a uniform front end for a large number of the MPEG formats used in HDTV broadcasting. It decodes:

- MPEG-1 Layer II Audio
- MPEG-1 Layer III Audio
- MPEG-2 Layer III Audio
- MPEG-1 program streams
- MPEG-2 program streams
- MPEG-2 transport streams
- AC3 Audio
- MPEG-2 Video
- MPEG-1 Video
- IFO files
- VOB files

Now the good news. It can read the MPEG exports from Cinelerra.

A table of contents feature allows it to seek with frame accuracy regardless of whether the footage has timecode or not, or whether the timecode is contiguous. Also included are utilities for stream extraction, format querying, and copying.

What's New in This Release:
Table of contents sample count improvements.
Migration to GCC 4.1.

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