libral 0.9.6 review

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Libral is the rubrica engine

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Nicola Fragale
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Libral is the rubrica engine. libral library allows you create your addressbooks and to add personal and company cards to them.

Data managed in personal card are: personal data (name, surname, address, etc.), Web links, email addresses, irc uris, telephone numbers, job information (company where contact works, his manager, his collaborator,...), notes.

In company card you can manage Web links, email addresses, telephone numbers, notes. XML is used to store data. Libral can import addressbooks from GnomeCard, Kaddressbook, VCard, Evolution, CSV.

glib 2.0.x

What's New in This Release:
optimized vcard engine
added lookup tables (lookup.[hc])
fixed bugs in vcard engine
updated vcard test program
try to load plugin using file name extension
completed rubrica's extensions code/decode

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