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PTkSdict is a dictionary using Sdict dictionary format

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 492K
Developer: Alexey Semenoff
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PTkSdict is a dictionary using Sdict dictionary format. Unlike ptkdic or gtkdic, MySQL isn't needed; you can work with dictionary files directly.

libsdict uses Unicode, meaning that words and articles all are in UTF-8. There are two index levels, compression, and tools to convert from text files to .dct and vice versa.

Here are some key features of "libsdict":
Cross-platform, works under UNIX, Win32 and Symbian OS
Open Source, binary .dct format is also open and described in documentation
Unicode, all words and articles are stored in UTF-8
Two index levels: short and full
Compression for dictionary articles
Tools to convert from text file to .dct and vice versa under both Win32 and UNIX
Simple Web Dictionary which is included into package
C library framework with simple CLI, Win32 binaries are available
Perl API ( module)
Simple, but powerful Jotter and Data applications
Compiler which helps you to create own dictionaries

What's New in This Release:
Fixes for some dictionary types.
Version information was added to the DLL.
Include files were reorganized.
There are new library functions.

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