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libzdt is a free general library aimed at anyone who wants to use it. Some people may wonder why we need another software library

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Developer: Jeremy Tregunna
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libzdt is a free general library aimed at anyone who wants to use it.

Some people may wonder why we need another software library. The answer is simple: What others don't offer, we're trying to provide.

This basically meaning, while some of the things included in libzdt are included in other libraries, either we think the implementation isn't perfect, or we just feel it would make a great compliment to what we're trying to do which is make life easier for those who want to write software.

While libzdt does not contain any graphical user interface API, it may later (please keep in mind that libzdt is still very pliable in a GUI application depending on what it is, and what the application does).

Anyway, libzdt is just a collection of functions I've wrote over the years, or someone else has written and I've just picked 'em up (you can see the list of people to whom I owe thanks for their code in the Documentation/Authors file). libzdt's primary use will be in ZerOS, the operating system myself and a few friends are designing and developing (well, I'm doing the development), right now however, it's primary use is in custom commercial software my company writes. This version however, is not used in any commercial software, please see further into this document for more information on libzdt itself.

Little note on our coding style, at least myself, I go by the Linux kernel coding standards (which are included in the Documentation/CodingStyle file).

Anyway, back to libzdt itself... It's being rewritten for one reason, and one simple reason only. The version of libzdt that I use myself (not to say I don't use this one, because I do) is private, closed source. It's a library written in Objective-C++ anyway, so only a few platforms can use it (MacOS X, NeXTSTEP/OpenStep are the only platforms that I know have a working ObjC++ compiler), and besides, the code is ugly looking.

To compile libzdt, all you have to do is go into the main directory, which you are no doubt in right now reading this file, and type: make. This will build both the static library and shared library files and place them in the $LIBZDT_ROOT/Objects.x86 directory. In previous versions you had to type: make depend shared static, or something of the such to build all that you can now with just the make command without any arguments. To install libzdt, you must be root (or a user who has permissions to run ldconfig) in order to complete the install process. Simply type: make install.

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