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GNU/LinEx is based on GNU/Debian, a Linux distribution that, thanks to its design, makes it easy to create other distributions that c

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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GNU/LinEx is based on GNU/Debian, a Linux distribution that, thanks to its design, makes it easy to create other distributions that can inherit its advantages and get rid of some of its faults (for example, the difficulty of setup and configuration).

The Debian distribution has the best software packing system in the world. Installing GNU/LinEx is really easy; actually, it is easier than doing it so for other OSes. With a simple command, software can be set up and even the whole system can be updated. Different packages can be set up from different origins: CD-Roms, disks, remote FTP sites or HTTP of the Internet, etc.

Moreover, when it comes to the integration of all the packages, Debian beats all the other distributions. Since the software is packed into coherent groups, not only all the packages can be found in the same place, but also, all the problems of complex dependencies have been solved.

By using a modified Debian distribution, the Extremadura Regional Government has benefited from the fact that there is a large amount of varied software for it. As a matter of fact, there are 8710 different software pieces. The stability, speed and security of Debian should also be underlined.

When it was created, GNU/LinEx was based on the then latest stable Debian distribution: 2.2 or Potato. Nowadays, the version based on the new stable Debian version (3.0 or Woody) is available, along with two revisions or updates.

Here are some key features of "LinEx":
An Operating System that can be set up in a computer or live together with proprietary systems such as WindowsR. It is based on Debian 3 (Woody), with a kernel 2.4.20.
A graphic environment: GNOME 2.0 and an extra-fast file administrator: Nautilus 2.0.
Office Computer System (Openoffice 1.0.2) featuring:
Word processor, compatible with commercial standards.
Desktop multimedia presentation, compatible with commercial standards.
Spreadsheet, also compatible with others in the market.
Mathematical formulae manager.
Tools for image processing.
Word processor: Brocense (abiword 1.0.2.+cvs.2002).
Text editor: gedit 2.0.1-1.
Additional Spreadsheet for Gnome: gnumeric 1.0.8-1t1
A very powerful Image processing application, very versatile and compatible with the most popular images formats: Zurbar?n (Gimp 1.3.7).
Web browser: Grulla (Galeon 1.2.5) and Netscape-based Mozilla 1.0.
HTML editor: Medell?n (Mozilla Composer).
Web page manager: (Quanta Plus 2.0.1 -3)
FTP client: gftp 2.0.11.
Vector image editor, similar to Corel Draw: Sodipodi 0.24.
Very powerful E-mail client: Guadalupe (Evolution 1.0.5-1).
Real-Time Messenger-type application: La Terrona (gaim 0.58-2)
Chat Client: Aliseda (X-Chat 1.8.9)
Multimedia: tools for audio recording and playing audio formats such as mp3 and ''Compact Disc". "Streaming" audio is supported, and there are tools compatible with all the video and audio standard formats, playable both locally and online. Some of the multimedia applications included are Monfrag?e (xmms 1.2.7-1), Fluxus (xine 0.9.8-4) and mplayer 0.9.
CD-Rom burning application: Brasero (CD Bake Oven 1.8)
An application that allows to remotely control a computer and display its screen contents. This can be of a great pedagogical use: VCN.
Web-based remote control administration system: webmin 0.94-7.
Home economy manager: gnucash 1.6.6-1.
Diagram creator and editor: Morales, based on Dia 0.88.1-3, featuring a calendar, agenda, calculator, games ...
PDF reader: kghostview 0.12
File compressors compatible with existing standards: file-roller2 1.109-2.
Software for sharing files with Windows and working in a network with almost every system, being proprietary or not: komba2 0.73-1.
Database managing interface creation tool: knoda 0.5.1-1.
Graphic system control application for Gnome: gnome-control-centre 2.0.0-2.
Fax application for Gnome: gfax 0.4.2-8
Visual printer manager: kups 1.0-1.
Debian packages manager: dpkg 1.9.21.
Database manager: Sever and client MySQL 3.23.49-8.
Server and client DHCP: dhcp 2.0pl5-11.
Web server (Apache 1.3.26-0).
Samba 2.2.3a-6: A system that allows total compatibility with file systems on all Windows versions.
Windows emulator, that allows to run many Windows-only applications: wine 0.0.20020904-1.
Photo Retouching application: Gimp 1.3.7.
Newsgroup manager: Corniche (PAN 0.11.2)
Error reporting tool: Bug Buddy 2.1.6
Real-time radio player: Linux Media Player.
Screen capturer: JMStudio 2.1.1
E-visiting cards manager: Gnome card 1.4.6.
The best boot manager: Grub.
System configuration manager: Gnome
Network Telephonic Access manager: KPPP 2.0.10
System users and groups manager: Kuser 2.2.2.
System monitor: libtop 2.0.0
News and e-mail manager: Mozilla-mail 1.0.
Lynx Text-based W3C compatible browser.
Task manager: Kcron 2.2.2 backgrounded.
Download manager: Kmago 1.1.2.
Internet download accelerator: Axel 1.0a.
System editor: Sys V 1.3.8
System configuration editor: Gconf 0.2.
Firewall configuration utility: Lokkit 0.92.
Visual package installer: Synaptic 0.20.

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