Lint4j Maven Plugin 1.3.1 review

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License: Other/Proprietary License
File size: 7K
Developer: Stefan Reich
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COPYRIGHT=1] Lint4j features command line, Ant, Maven, Eclipse, and Emacs integration

JDK or JRE 1.4.x
Maven 1.x

To install the plugin add the following snippet to the dependencies section of your project.xml
< dependency >
< groupId >lint4j< /groupId >
< artifactId >jutils-lint4j-plugin< /artifactId >
< version >1.3< /version >
< type >plugin< /type >
< /dependency >

Then add the following snippet to the reports section of the reports section of your project.xml
< report >jutils-lint4j-plugin< /report >
Add the following line to the project's file:

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug that caused a build failure in Maven multi-projects that don't contain source code.

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