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LiMP is a a tiny LIVE CD based linux distro, that loads into memory and works only in the memory

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Limp Team
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LiMP is a a tiny LIVE CD based linux distro, that loads into memory and works only in the memory. This is the easiest, simpler yet powerful distro that works in all computers (PIII onwards).

Linux Multimedia Player supports most of the known formats, let it be mpeg-I, or mpeg-II, or divx, or wmv,qt-mov,real video for video and for audio mp3,wav,wma, ogg, real audio. It has the auto detection of partitions (ide or sata or scsi), sound cards,video cards, network cards and supports all the the cards as of kernel 2.6.13. It identifies the Partitions and mounts in the folder START.

It has the network support, which can be configured inside the GUI. It also mounts the Windows Shares, Linux Smb shares in the folder START.

It is complete tiny OS, with menu driven option and requires no knowledge of linux. All in a embedded image file of size 35 MB that gives you the entertainment. It can be easily integrated into WINDOWS XP/2000/98/95 or in linux boot loader or boot from cdrom.

LiMP distro runs only from memory and so CDROM/DVD is free to use. LiMP is completely safe to use as it mounts the partitions (NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, REISERFS) and windows / linux shares in READONLY mode.

Computer Shutdown schedule for bed time listeners. It supports viewing encrypted DVD's (Zone set DVD's). User has to option to load his favorite language font, for viewing subtitle User can set his favorite skin for xmms as default so that it loads on startup.

It runs a vnc server and can be accessed remotely from any vnc client.

What's New in This Release:
Kernel updated to ( supports more hardwares)
Alsa updated to 1.0.13 ( supports more sound cards)
Mplayer, XINE, XMMS updated to CVS. (more stability)
New function AUTOPLAY_CD=yes, will play media files from the boot CD/DVD. (cool is it not!!!)
Sensors Support added to display Motherboard sensors.

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