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LiteSpeed web server is an Apache interchangeable, full-featured high performance, secure HTTP server specifically engineered from th

License: Freeware
File size: 3677K
Developer: LiteSpeed Technologies Inc.
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LiteSpeed web server is an Apache interchangeable, full-featured high performance, secure HTTP server specifically engineered from the ground up with security and scalability in mind.

LiteSpeed Web Server is engineered to be Apache interchangeable, which means LiteSpeed has all the flexibilities that Apache has, but in much faster manner, such as distributed configuration .htaccess support.

The most commonly used Apache modules have been implemented in LiteSpeed with similar functionality and configuration, but completely different design and implementation.

Currently, LiteSpeed uses Apache compatible configuration for .htaccess and URL rewriting and eventually LiteSpeed will be able to use Apache's configuration file directly. This makes your switching between Apache and LiteSpeed very easy and risk free.

LiteSpeed Web Server has superb performance. Our measurements shows that it is more than 6 times faster than Apache, beating other lightweight content accelerators, such as thttpd, boa and TUX when serving static content, plus up to 50% increase in PHP performance than that of Apache's mod_php and more than doubled CGI/Fast CGI performance.

When you compare LiteSpeed Web Server to highly regarded and highly priced Zeus Web Server, you will find a lot of things in common: similar architecture and similar feature set, including some of the advanced features like web administration interface, MS FrontPage support, URL Rewriting, .htaccess and LDAP authentication. The biggest difference is that LiteSpeed is much more affordable, actually, it could cost you nothing.

LiteSpeed Web Server is also a real-world proven high performance content accelerator, compression proxy, and application security gateway leveraged by its highly scalable, low latency proxy engine.

With the combination of ease of use, tight security, outstanding performance, scalability, and reliability, LiteSpeed Web Server is the ultimate web server you ever need!

Here are some key features of "LiteSpeed Web Server":
Backward compatible with HTTP/1.0
Chunked Transfer Encoding
Basic Authentication (htpasswd and LDAP backend)
Entity Tag
Range/Multi-range Request
Static and dynamic content compression(gzip)
Fast CGI
PHP (through Fast CGI interface), compatible with third party PHP Accelerators.
JSP/Servlet (interface to back-end Servlet engine)
Transparent reverse proxy (interface to back-end web server, application server)
URL Rewriting is fully compatible with Apache's configuration
Supports content publishing with MS Frontpage client.
Supports IP based and name based virtual hosting
Apache compatible distributed per-directory Access Control and Authentication configuration
High performance Secure HTTP (HTTPS): supports SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1
Access Control at server, virtual host and directory (context) level
File system protection
HTTP Authentication
IP level throttling (Bandwidth and Request Rate)
Comprehensive IP level connection accounting
Hotlink protection
Strict HTTP request checking
Comprehensive protection for static files
External application firewall for dynamic content
CGI resources consumption limit
CGI suEXEC excution and chroot
Chroot whole server process[Professional Edition only]
Watch dog and Instant recovery maximizes up-time
Graceful shutdown, all requests in process will be completed.
Runs completely in the user space, OS reliability is not affected
CGI, Fast CGI and servlet engine run in standalone processes, the reliability of the web server is not affected by third party software.

What's New in This Release:
Apache configuration compatibility has been improved to allow LiteSpeed work cleanly with httpd.conf generated by cPanel, Compressed log file archive will now be owned by the LiteSpeed user, Matching context problem with vhost level script handler configuration has been fixed, Incorrect value/display of "request in processing" in realtime report due to changes in 2.2.3 has been fixed, and Tomcat AJP protocol problem which can cause large POST requests to fail has been fixed.

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