log-malloc 2006-10-26 review

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log-malloc is a simple malloc/free logger

License: BSD License
File size: 4K
Developer: Kefeer
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log-malloc is a simple malloc/free logger. It is very small and has no dependencies. No configuration is necessary.

log-malloc project logs parameters, return values, and the call stack. There is no need to rebuild the application that will be logged.

Build: gcc -nostartfiles –shared -fPIC -g -ldl -o log-malloc.so log-malloc.c

Usage: LD_PRELOAD=./log-malloc.so command args …

If you want redirect output to file run:

LD_PRELOAD=./log-malloc.so command args … 200>filename

You could use addr2line tool from GNU binutils to convert 0x addresses into source code line numbers.

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