Louderbox 0.1.0 review

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Louderbox is a complete 8 band audio processor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 207K
Developer: Dan Mills
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Louderbox is a complete 8 band audio processor. Louderbox is intended to be used with software stereo and R[B]DS generators (but perfectly usable for other things (such as web "radio") using the jack audio connection kit under Linux (and possibly other systems but this is untested).

It has 2 inputs and 5 outputs: The inputs are obviously L,R, outputs are 2 Monitor outputs (before pre em), 2 transmitter feed outputs (post pre em), and a mono logging output which is just a mix of the monitor feeds.

The jack audio connection kit
The LADSPA audio plugin API
Steve Harrises excellent plugin collection version 0.4.7 or later
Tom Szilagyis excellent LADSPA plugin collection
Libglade version 2
The GTK toolkit version 2 or later

I suggest that you get most of these (except the plugin collections) from your distributions packaging system (usually called things like gtk2-dev.rpm or the like). Some of these can have quite a few dependencies of their own....
The plugin Library's (and Jack) change quickly and are worth building from source.

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