Luban programming language Beta 2.1 review

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Luban is a component oriented scripting language

License: Freely Distributable
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Developer: Luban Team
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Luban is a component oriented scripting language. Luban is free and open source. Luban is named after a legendary ancient Chinese civil engineer and carpenter two thousand year ago whose constructions are still in use today.

The programming language spectrum seems crowded. Do we have all the tools we need? The author of Luban likes the scripting languages in general because of their usability. Though he always feels the pain for the lack of suitable component model for scripting.

And he personally considers object oriented scripting is too complicated for scripting purpose and will never compete with C++/Java. He eventually created Luban, a scripting language with a robust component model tailored for scripting purpose. Luban is an easy scripting language that is as clean and manageable as Java.

There have been numerous discussions about software component without clear definition. Luban's definition of component is property based object that is similar to Java Bean. User interacts with component by reading and writing property values, and computation could be triggered by the interactions.

The idea of Luban programming language that scripting language needs a different component model other than conventional class hierarchy to fit its scripting environment. A complete mechanism is built in Luban to define, save and categorize components, which is a fundamental feature of Luban.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds the new feature to iterate through the elements in Java container objects.
The following Java types can now be iterated in Luban: Java array, java.util.Collection, and java.util.Map.

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