Lyrics ID3 0.3 Alpha review

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ID3v2 allows to store the lyric of a song directly in the tag

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 160K
Developer: Stefan Gruber
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ID3v2 allows to store the lyric of a song directly in the tag. Lyrics ID3 is a script for amaroK which uses this fact.

If the writing script runs, the lyrics of the actual song are stored automatically in the mp3-tag.

The reading script, is an amaroK lyric script, which reads the mp3-tag on a fetchLyric request.

The download able file contains two scripts:

read_lyric_from_id3: amaroK Lyric Script
reads the USLT frame of the id3v2 header and sends the lyrics to amarok

Stores the lyrics, fetched from amaroK to the USLT frame in the ID3v2 header
The Lyrics are automatically saved on trackChange and Play
With the context menu 'saveLyrik' the Lyrics are stored manually

(1) The lyrics are stored in the mp3-File. I can not guaranty that the file is not damaged after the ID3 writing process.
(2) The files are not checked if they are a mp3. So non mp3 files may be damaged after writing.


What's New in This Release:
initial release with python-mutagen

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