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M3CCtl is a control program for the M3C File System

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 45K
Developer: Brian Schau
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M3CCtl is a control program for the M3C File System.

One annoying factor of the SP 503 is that music has to be transferred using either the serial port or a special parallel port box. The music is stored on plain MMC cards which can be accessed by a normal card reader. M3CCtl can create the M3C filesystem on any block devices or in a file.

M3CCtl was made specifically for Linux. It will, however, be able to run on other Uni*ces with slight modification.

M3CCtl was developed on a PC running Vector Linux 4.0, kernel 2.6.5.


M3CCtl only comes in source code form. Compilation and installation of m3cctl is pretty easy, though. Just follow these few steps:

gunzip -c m3cctl-0.1.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd m3cctl-0.1
./configure [OPTIONS] (see below)
make install (as root)
And that is it.


There are several options to be given to configure. The only one you will probably ever touch is --prefix. This configures the make install part to install the m3cctl binary in $prefix/bin/m3cctl.

Thus, if you configure with configure --prefix=/usr the resulting binary will be placed in /usr/bin.

Default prefix is /usr/local.

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