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Manitou-Mail is an open source database-driven mail user-agent and associated utilities

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Manitou-Mail is an open source database-driven mail user-agent and associated utilities. Manitou-Mail project provides a framework and programs for storing, exposing, and managing mail as organized data in a PostgreSQL database. It can be viewed as a versatile alternative to an imap-aware client using imap server storage.

Companies or organizations that use organization-wide mailboxes such as info, support, sales... and need to share the work between the people processing them, monitor and analyze the flow of messages, or even hook their other databases to the messaging system.

Experienced personal users that are willing to put a database at the center of their mail architecture, thus getting powerful retrieval capabilities, extended categorizing of messages, open representation of the mail as structured data.

The user interface runs on Unix/X11 and MS-Windows and is connected to the database, not the mail system. An independant Perl daemon process, controllable by an administrator, is responsible for fetching and sending the mail.

What's New in This Release:
This release offers a revamped full text search engine, a new online help system using Qt assistant, modularized Perl code for the mail-database exchanger, along with a number of small bugfixes and enhancements.
Also, the user interface now compiles on Solaris and BSD-based systems.

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