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Mantis is a web-based bugtracking system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Kenzaburo Ito
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Mantis is a web-based bugtracking system. Mantis project is written in the PHP scripting language and requires the MySQL database and a webserver. Mantis has been installed on Windows, MacOS, OS/2, and a variety of Unix operating systems. Almost any web browser should be able to function as a client. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Mantis is free to use and modify. It is free to redistribute as long as you abide by the distribution terms of the GPL.

The goals for this project are to produce and maintain a lightweight and simple bugtracking system. Additions of complexity and/or features are modular and configurable so that users can be shielded from unwanted clutter.

The product is designed to be easily modifiable, customizable, and upgradeable. Anyone with intermediate PHP and MySQL experience should be able to customize Mantis to suit their needs.

Here are some key features of "Mantis":
Easy installation
Web based
Platform independent
Multiple projects
Multiple languages
Simple Search
Viewing filters

What's New in 1.0.6 Stable Release:
0007466: [security] Port: 6719: Manager of a project can assign the Administrator role to a user. (vboctor)
0007543: [security] Port 5163: Default value for $g_bug_reminder_threshold should be higher than "reporter" (vboctor)
0007467: [administration] Port 6637: Disabled projects don't appear under parent project (vboctor)
0007527: [localization] Port 7526: japanese_utf8 is more suitable than japanese_sjis ($g_language_auto_map) (vboctor)
0007470: [localization] [all lang] Port latest localization files from Mantis 1.1 to Mantis 1.0.x (vboctor)
0007530: [localization] Port:: New Languages: bulgarian, catalan, czech_utf8, french_utf8, italian_utf8, polish_utf8, russian_utf8, slovene_utf8 (vboctor)
0007412: [other] Update Mantis to refer to new website (vboctor)

What's New in 1.1.0a2 Development Release:
0003375: [security] Bughistory bypasses security on custom fields (thraxisp)
0005163: [security] Default value for $g_bug_reminder_threshold should be higher than "reporter" (vboctor)
0007364: [security] Custom field visible in history independent from user role (thraxisp)
0003160: [bugtracker] Please use ISO dates in this installation (achumakov)
0006529: [bugtracker] default.css doesn't validate (vboctor)
0006721: [bugtracker] Can't set an sticky issue to unsticky (vboctor)
0007345: [bugtracker] Bug history shows records of private notes. (thraxisp)
0007429: [bugtracker] display wiki link when $g_wiki_enable = OFF in config_*.php (vboctor)
0007436: [bugtracker] Detect missing attachments in case of DISK file upload method (vboctor)
0007437: [bugtracker] Add recently visited issues to bug_change_status_page.php (vboctor)
0007462: [bugtracker] bugnote_delete.php redirection fails again (vboctor)
0005050: [custom fields] Custom Fields display in bug history (thraxisp)
0006724: [custom fields] Issue history ignores custom field read/write access (thraxisp)
0006726: [custom fields] Access level read in Issue History not used (thraxisp)
0005218: [customization] Bad default date format (achumakov)
0007638: [email] When a queued email causes an error, it can hold up others mails (vboctor)
0004988: [feature] Private bug notes/relationships in "issue history" (thraxisp)
0005716: [localization] [de] New german lang strings (achumakov)
0006410: [localization] [CJK] Email address detecting error when text in non-latin language. (achumakov)
0006566: [localization] [patch] Update for strings_dutch.txt (siebrand)
0007167: [localization] [all lang] feeds in utf-8 are invalid xml (achumakov)
0007375: [localization] Italian UTF8 localization file (vboctor)
0007396: [localization] [hu] SYSTEM WARNING: charset `iso-8859-2' not supported, assuming iso-8859-1 (achumakov)
0007448: [localization] [all lang] Unlocalizable text (achumakov)
0007449: [localization] Hard-coded capitalization in stats page breaks localization (vboctor)
0007490: [localization] update strings_catalan.txt (achumakov)
0007502: [localization] [all lang] Dates should use ISO format by default (achumakov)
0007526: [localization] japanese_utf8 is more suitable than japanese_sjis ($g_language_auto_map) (vboctor)
0007317: [other] Issue History (thraxisp)
0007641: [other] New Mantis Logo
0005766: [relationships] Graphviz Error on Windows (grangeway)
0004711: [roadmap] Create roadmap from feature requests in versions (vboctor)
0006494: [webpage] charset iso-8859-2 not supported (achumakov)

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