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matrix_saver is a console screen saver for FreeBSD

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 11K
Developer: Arensb
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matrix_saver is a console screen saver for FreeBSD. It is based on Chris Allegretta's "cmatrix" which, in turn, was based on the "code" effect in the movie "The Matrix."

The net effect is a cross between a code listing and rain falling on a window pane.


Build it:

cd /usr/src/sys/modules/syscons/matrix
make install

Edit /etc/rc.conf and add


or replace the current value if one is already set.

In FreeBSD 3.1+ "blanktime" is set to 300 seconds in /etc/defaults/rc.conf. If you want to change this then override blanktime in /etc/rc.conf. You can also adjust it with vidcontrol
as root, f.e.

vidcontrol -t 30

would set it to 30 seconds.

Now either reboot, or load the screen saver manually.

To install it manually:

- Use 'kldstat' to get the ID of your current screen saver.
- Use 'kldunload -i ' to unload it; is the ID that you found in the previous step.
- Install matrix_saver: 'kldload matrix_saver.ko' (or look for "saver" in /etc/rc.i386, and do what it does)

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