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MeVisLab is a development environment for medical image processing and visualization

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MeVisLab is a development environment for medical image processing and visualization. The research and prototyping platform MeVisLab has been developed and used by the MeVis Center for Medical Diagnostic Systems and Visualization in Bremen, Germany.

MeVis develops scientific methods and software for computer assistance in medicine in general and radiology in particular, including computer aided diagnosis, therapy planning and monitoring, and computer aided teaching and training.

One of the main goals of MeVis is to achieve practically useful solutions to clinically relevant problems, incorporating state of the art knowledge from the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Here are some key features of "MeVisLab":
Image Processing Modules

More than 200 modules, including
Diffusion filters
Morphology filters
Kernel filters
Region growing
Live wire
Fuzzy connectedness
Manual contours
Affine transformations
Distance transformations
Radon transform
Manual registration
Global image statistics
Box counting dimension
Unary/binary arithmetic
Dynamic data analysis
Noise/test pattern generators

Image Processing Library

Request-driven, page-based image processing library
Priority-controlled page cache
Advanced support for:
Local filters
Kernel filters
Global filters
Special "Virtual Volume" support for global access to large images
Extended image information access:
DICOM coordinate system/voxel size
DICOM tags
Channel/time information
User defined objects interface
Optimization options

What's New in This Release:
A new OutputInspector was added, which features data dependent viewers and is extensible for user data types.
Giga Voxel Render was improved, including slab rendering on SoView2D and transparent geometry rendering.
Updated and new Winged Edge Mesh (WEM) modules were added.
SoDepthPeelRenderer offers transparent geometry rendering of unsorted meshes.
Many new and improved modules were added.
Fixes were made for bugs that have been reported by users.
New versions of ITK and VTK integration were also released.

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