Migshm 2.4.26-2 review

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Migshm is a DSM patch for openMosix

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 32K
Developer: The Migshm team
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Migshm is a DSM patch for openMosix. DSM Stands for Distributed Shared Memory. It enables migration of processes that use shared memory on openMosix (examples are apache, Xfracky etc).

Currently, one of the main limitations of openMosix is that applications that use shared memory and multi-threaded applications do not migrate on the cluster. Hence applications these cannot benefit from the load-balancing features of openMosix. Migshm aims to fill this need.

Migshm Stands for Migration of shared memory. It's not exactly a complete DSM as of now, but is sufficient for shared memory applications to benefit from openMosix.

Migshm enables migration of processes using SYSV shared memory through the shmget(), shmat(), shmdt() and shmctl() system calls. Threads created using the clone() system call can also be migrated using Migshm.

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