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MikMod for Java is a Java port of the MOD player MikMod

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Shlomi Fish
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MikMod for Java is a Java port of the MOD player MikMod. It supports MOD, S3M, XM, MTM, and many other MOD formats.

The make file "source/Makefile" is intended for GNU make, so if it's present you can just type 'make' to build everything. The default java compiler name is javac, and if it isn't you'll need to modify the makefile a bit.

Building the audio-driver is not trivial on a machine which isn't Linux. The makefile and and source files under the sub-directory 'source/dll' can generate it on a Linux, but they need to be modified, and possibly re-generated by "javah" so they'll compile on another
platform. You can use the drivers in the MikMod for UNIX package to develop the native driver for your platform.

Both programs should be run from a command shell (they are Java applications that make use of the command line arguments). To invoke Java MikMod type:

java MikModApp [standard mikmod arguments]
and for Java mikcvt:
java MikCvtApp [file path]

Everything should work much like the C programs except that:

1. Output is not fully compatible.

2. Input is not available. (press Ctrl-C to abort the program).

3. It could be much slower.

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