mod_auth_xradius 0.4.6 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 176K
Developer: Paul Querna
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mod_auth_xradius is an Apache module that provides high performance authentication against RFC 2865 RADIUS Servers.

Here are some key features of "mod auth xradius":
Supports popular RADIUS Servers including OpenRADIUS, FreeRADIUS and commercial servers.
Distributed Authentication Cache using apr_memcache.
Local Authentication Cache using DBM.
Uses standard HTTP Basic Authentication, unlike mod_auth_radius which uses cookies for sessions.

Apache HTTPd >= 2.0.42
APR Memcache Client >= 0.7.0 (Optional)

What's New in This Release:
Fixed Issue #39: Generation of the Authenticator Field.

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