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mod_dbd_mysql is a DBD Driver module for MySQL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 23K
Developer: Nick Kew
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mod_dbd_mysql is a DBD Driver module for MySQL. To replace mod_mysql_pool

Here are some key features of "mod dbd mysql":
Dynamic connection pooling for scalable applications.
Persistent Connection for non-threaded MPMs and legacy applications.
Single-use connections for debugging or low-usage applications.
Database-independent framework with driver (DBD) modules for different databases.
SQL namespace module for direct database access in HTML or XML pages with mod_publisher or mod_xmlns.


The apr_dbd framework presents a common API for different SQL database engines. The API is documented in apr_dbd.h.

DBD Drivers

APR DBD Drivers are currently available for MySQL and PostgreSQL. The apr_dbd architecture supports dynamic loading of database driver modules, so that new drivers can be installed at any time, without any requirement to recompile APR (provided the platform supports dynamic loading).


mod_dbd presents the API for Apache modules, and deals with managing database connections efficiently for both threaded and non-threaded MPMs.


mod_sql is an XML Namespace Module that builds on mod_dbd to implement SQL handling in XML applications with mod_publisher or mod_xmlns.

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