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mod_line_edit is a general-purpose fast text filter Apache module

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 16K
Developer: WebThing Ltd.
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mod_line_edit is a general-purpose fast text filter Apache module. It operates as a simple on-the-fly line editor, applying search-and-replace rules defined in a configuration or .htaccess file.

Unlike most of Web?ing's filter modules, it is not markup-aware, so it is not an optimal choice for processing HTML or XML, though it may nevertheless be used with caution (and may be far better than semi-markup-aware options such as mod_layout).

For non-markup document types such as plain text, and non-markup Web documents such as Javascript or Stylesheets, it is the best available option in the absence of a filter that parses any relevant document structures.

mod_line_edit is written for performance and reliability, and should scale without problems as document size grows. mod_line_edit is fully compatible with Apache 2.0 and 2.2, and all operating systems and MPMs.


LoadModule line_edit_module modules/

The module implements a single output filter named line-editor. Insert it in the filter chain using the standard filter directives, e.g. to rewrite all text documents:

FilterProvider textedit line-editor resp=Content-Type $text/
FilterChain textedit

or, for backward compatibility with Apache 2.0:

AddOutputFilter line-editor .txt .css .js


SetOutputFilter line-editor
SetEnv LineEdit "text/plain;text/css;text/javascript"

Text Editing:

The LERewriteRule directive defines search-and-replace rules. Both simple text and regular expression search and replace are supported.

Apache 2.x

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