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mod_put Apache module implements the HTTP/1.1 PUT and DELETE methods

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 4K
Developer: Lyonel VINCENT
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mod_put Apache module implements the HTTP/1.1 PUT and DELETE methods. Please notice that it can be a big security hole to activate them without securing the web server.


Integration with Apache 1.3.x - compiling and linking

To link mod_put into Apache (recommended for best performance), just add a add-module clause to your configure call:
./configure --add-module=/path/to/mod_put.c

Integrating into Apache 1.2.x - compiling and linking

To link the put module with Apache, you must rebuild Apache from its sources with adding mod_put in the configuration file:

Untar mod_put.tar.gz in Apache sources' directory
Edit Configuration file according your installation
Run the Configure script to rebuild the makefile
Build Apache by typing make
Install the brand new httpd program
Edit the web server configuration files (typically httpd.conf and access.conf)
Restart the web daemon

Example of a Configuration file

Module mime_module mod_mime.o

Module access_module mod_access.o
Module auth_module mod_auth.o
Module negotiation_module mod_negotiation.o
Module includes_module mod_include.o
Module dir_module mod_dir.o
Module cgi_module mod_cgi.o


# Miscellaneous modules

Module put_module mod_put.o

Apache 1.2b8+

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