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COPYRIGHT=1] But wxJS is a lot more

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Franky Braem
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COPYRIGHT=1] But wxJS is a lot more. You can write your own extensions and make your C/C++ libraries available in JavaScript. Some extensions that are planned: sqlite, mysql, imagemagick, ...

wxJS has also an Apache module: mod_wxjs. This means that you can use JavaScript, E4X and wxWidgets to write server applications.

wxJS uses SpiderMonkey. SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript engine of Mozilla. E4X is activated in wxJS.

The following modules are now available:

EXT Defines common classes and functions
GUI Ports the controls of wxWidgets (not all controls are ported yet) and the documentation is still the documentation of version 0.6.1.
IO Ports the IO classes of wxWidgets (not all classes are ported yet)
DB Ports the ODBC implementation of wxWidgets
XML Ports the expat XML parser to JavaScript[

What's New in This Release:
wxFFile open bug - Is the bug with wxFlexGridSizer solved now?
SQLite module introduced - wxListCtrl: solved crash when sorting elements
Starting to create Eclipse workspaces (build wxJS with MingW on Windows)
wxJS is now build in UNICODE. UNICODE support will be enhanced in the modules ... Watch for writing files with String content (wxFile, wxFFile, ...) because they write bytes, not Strings.
argument -m is changed (Not repeated anymore, all modules must be specified between "" and separate with a comma)
All the code where wxWidgets can be used instead of other libraries is changed to wxWidgets. The size of the exe, dll's get bigger, but the maintenance is easier (wxString is used everywhere, wxCmdLineParser is used, wxThread, ...) - IO: + wxSound + wxFileExists + wxRenameFile + ... - EXT: wxJSMemoryBuffer changed to wxMemoryBuffer (uses wxWidgets class instead of DataReel class)

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