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mod_xmltime produces an XML timestamp for +1200 to -1200 UTC Zones

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 8K
Developer: Daniel Bibbens
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mod_xmltime produces an XML timestamp for +1200 to -1200 UTC Zones. mod_xmltime creates an XML Date/Time graph.


Verify that you have a late version of libxml2.
Verify that 'apxs' is on your path (it should have installed with your Apache installation).
Download mod_xmltime.tar.gz.
Un-tar the file (i.e. tar -zxf mod_xmltime.tar.gz )
enter the mod_xmltime directory (i.e. cd path/to/mod_xmltime)
If your 'lib' and 'include' directories are NOT in '/usr/local', type 'make WITH_PREFIX=/PATH/TO/PREFIX all' otherwise type 'make all'
Switch user (su) to a user with permission to write into '/path/to/apache/installation' (i.e. root)
Type 'make install'
Verify that the following items are in your 'httpd.conf' file:
LoadModule xobjex_module libexec/apache/
AddModule mod_xmltime.c
< IfModule mod_xmltime.c >
< FilesMatch "timestamp.xml" >
SetHandler xmltime-handler
< /FilesMatch >
< /IfModule >
Restart your Apache httpd or 'make reload', instead.

Apache 1.3.x

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