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MonetDB is an open source high-performance database system developed at CWI, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Resea

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MonetDB is an open source high-performance database system developed at CWI, the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Research of The Netherlands.

MonetDB project was designed to provide high performance on complex queries against large databases, e.g. combining tables with hundreds of columns and multi-million rows.

As such, MonetDB can be used in application areas that because of performance issues are no-go areas for using traditional database technology in a real-time manner.

MonetDB has been successfully applied in high-performance applications for data mining, OLAP, GIS, XML Query, text and multimedia retrieval.

MonetDB achieves this goal using innovations at all layers of a DBMS: a storage model based on vertical fragmentation, a modern CPU-tuned vectorized query execution architecture that often gives MonetDB a more than 10-fold raw speed advantage on the same algorithm over a typical interpreter-based RDBMS.

MonetDB is one of the first database systems to focus its query optimization effort on exploiting CPU caches. MonetDB also features automatic and self-tuning indexes, run-time query optimization, a modular software architecture, etcetera.

In-depth information on the technical innovations in the design and implementation of MonetDB can be found in our digital library.

Here are some key features of "MonetDB":
A fairly extensive ANSI SQL-99 language interface including:
Primary and foreign key enforcement
View management
Authorization scheme
Unicode support (UTF-8)
Support for external functions
A full-fledged and scalable implementation of XQuery.
SQL and XQuery query caching to speed up data processing.
Extensible architecture at any level of sophistication needed.
The MonetDB engine can be embedded into your application.
High performance, using highly tuned data structures and algorithms to exploit the power of modern hardware.
Transaction control at various levels of granularity, which makes query dominant applications run at light speed.
Tapping into the experiences gained in supporting XML, Multimedia, GIS, etc. applications right op top of a kernel without the overhead often encountered in SQL-based systems.
Broad hardware spectrum ranging from StrongARM-based PDAs up to Opteron-based Servers (cf. Platforms).
32- and 64-bit cross-platform support for:
Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS X, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and SGI IRIX;

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