Monkey Linux 06 review

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Monkey Linux can be extracted to the DOS filesystem (to the FAT32 too)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1422K
Developer: Milan Kerslager
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Monkey Linux can be extracted to the DOS filesystem (to the FAT32 too). This is complete small ELF distribution with latest kernel on 5 diskettes. Monkey can run on this minimal HW: 386SX, 4MB RAM, 30MB on IDE HDD.

Contain X Window for any SVGA videocard, support for network, support for 3C5x9, 3c59x, 3c900, NE2000/NE1000, WD80x3 ethernet cards, ATAPI/MITSUMI CD. There is some ready-to-install packages, GCC and kernel source for compiling your own kernel too.

Here are some key features of "Monkey Linux":
minimal Linux ELF distribution in 7.5MB archive (5 diskettes)
Monkey is small, but is not only a toy
contain X Window
full network support with TCP/IP and IPX/SPX
latest Kernel with modules
some ready-to-install packages with usefull software
usually Linux distributions need repartition with previous full backup. With Monkey Linux you can simply extract all the files to one directory. Linux will use MSDOS FAT as well as I think (also FAT32). This allows you to experiment with Linux everywhere you want. You do not need to know anything about fdisk, ext2, bootdisk, rootdisk, etc.
you may install any other Linux applications
Monkey is not really complete distribution - use Slackware, RedHat, etc. (Monkey will be probably your first step...)
X Window Xfree 3.2 (SVGA server for Trident, Cirrus, Realtek, ...)
Fvwm95, xterm
editors: vi, joe (Wordstar compatibile editor)
telnet, ssh, ftp, traceroute, nslookup, Lynx, (Netscape in the installable package)
bootpd, bootpgw, cron
many utilities for text procesing (awk, sed, perl, ...)
utilities for working with IPX/SPX
support for many filesystems

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