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MP3-Database project is a tool to organize your MP3 collection

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 300K
Developer: Benny Mueller
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MP3-Database project is a tool to organize your MP3 collection. If you insert a CD with MP3 files in your CDROM drive, MP3DB can read all ID3 tags of the MP3 files.

With this information MP3DB creates a database which can be searched for a specific song, artist, or CD.

A GUI makes it easy to use the program. Any title found in the database can easily be added to a playlist or can instantly be played by XMMS.

Here are some key features of "MP3 Database":
MySQL (Is needed as database backend)
Perl Modules:
To play MP3 files the MP3 player XMMS should be installed on your system. MP3-Database can easily be adapted to other MP3 players

What's New in This Release:
NEW Data Structure: The MySQL database is much more complex than before. I used 3 Tables for Artists, Albums and Titles to store the data. This ensures that I have no redundancies in the tables. This has also enabled me to store additional fields in the database (for example the date of birth of an artist, or the release year of an album).
NEW Temporary Database: I added some tables to store all new artists, albums and titles in a temporary database. This enables the user to check the new entries before adding them to the permanent database.
NEW FEATURES: Additional Artist and Album information can be stored in the database, MP3DB can now create a random playlist and a playlist with the top 20 MP3 titles, MP3DB can show you a statistic how many artists, albums and titles are stored in the database.

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