Mr. Persister 3.6.0 review

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License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 214K
Developer: Jakob Jenkov
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Mr. Persister is a simple, small, object relational mapping API capable of reading Java objects from, and writing Java objects to relational databases. It was first released july 2004.

Here are some key features of "Mr. Persister":
Fast! (Faster than Hibernate)
Read objects of any size in just 3-5 lines of code.
Automatic and manual mapping of objects to database tables.
No config files required.
SQL as query language.
Automatic connection and transaction management
(via DAO commands).
Automatic connection and transaction management
(via connection and transaction scoping).
Automatic SQL generation for most trivial tasks.
Batch updates of multiple objects.
Compound primary key support.
Partial object reading and writing.
Read Filters.
Simplifies trivial JDBC tasks.
Interleave custom JDBC with Mr. Persister operations.
Fully Pluggable Design.
Well Tested. 290 unit tests were executed against each supported database.

What's New in This Release:
This release contains two new DAO classes: a JDBC DAO and a Map DAO.
These classes can help you perform non-ORM persistence operations, like dynamic reports, and reads/updates that do no mapping to objects.
This is the first step in moving Mr. Persister from being "just" an ORM API to a complete persistence solution covering many other nice features than ORM.

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