MSNCP 0.7.0 Beta review

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The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Sebasti?n Santisi
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The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net. It's a Python script and doesn't require any installation.

MSNCP is written on Curses and takes the MSN protocol support from the Alberto Bertogli's msnlib.

The basic idea of the MSNCP is to be an easy and intuitive MMS client that could run on a ASCII console with a complete GUI.

The project is licenced under the GNU's GPL license. The msnlib has OSL 2.0 license.

All the MSNCP client was written by Sebasti?n Santisi.

Beta means that the client doesn't have yet all the features that I think needs for a complete client, but I think it is fully usable. You can use the client as an alternative to the Microsoft client.

What's New in This Release:
The client now supports a colored interface and transparent backgrounds.
Config options for disabling color were added.
MSN pre-defined emoticons are now highlighted in messages.
Bugs related to counting lines on chat windows and encoding on commands were fixed.
Some internal methods were rewritten.
There were also many minor fixes and some tuning.

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