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MSNre is a lightweight but powerful console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Max Nalpak
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MSNre is a lightweight but powerful console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone. It has a easy-to-use curses BitchX-like user interface.

It has many features, including instant messaging, sending messages to cell phones, file transfer, complete contacts/groups management, email notifications, auto-away messages, netmeeting support, aliases, messages logging, event scripts, local contact list, multi-user chat support, ability to encode characters in the system locale, and much more.

Here are some key features of "MSNre":
Connection - Connect and login to the server, automatically reconnect when disconnected
Status - Change own status (including Idle)
Contacts - Download and show complete contact lists
Friendly Names - Change your own friendly name
Contact info - Show complete info about a contact
Add/remove/rename - Add, remove and rename users and groups
Block/unblock - Block and unblock other users
Messaging - Send and receive messages
Multi-user chat - Invite more users to existing chat sessions
File Transfer - Send and receive files
NetMeeting - Netmeeting/Gnomemeeting support
Local contacts - Have contacts in a local contact list
Ignore list - Ignore messages from people without blocking them
Auto-away messages - Send auto messages while away
Auto-idle - Automatically set Idle status
Auto-accept files - Automatically accept incoming files
Aliases - Create aliases for commands and contacts
Messages logging - Log all the incoming/outgoing messages
Event script - Run own script if an event appears
E-mail notifications - Notify about unread, new e-mails
Hotmail - Launch the browser to get to hotmail site
Pager messages - Send messages on pager device (MSN Mobile)
Phone numbers - Change own and show other users phone numbers
Alerts - Receive MSN Alerts

Encode (a part of perl distribution since 5.8.0)
LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request (to login with the newer protocol versions)

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