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murk rsync friendly encryption that runs on the UNIX command line

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murk rsync friendly encryption that runs on the UNIX command line.

In terms of being efficient when transfering data with rsync, murk needs special conditions when using it.

Plain rsync is rsync on the uncompressed files mcrypt -p compresses a whole file with bzip2 and then encrypts it.

1) Transfering openssl-0.9.7e.tar onto openssl-0.9.7d.tar (the intial files were not gziped). Size of openssl-0.9.7e is 15418880 bytes.

Plain rsync 4353737
mcrypt -p then rsync 2452373
murk then rsync 3570755

This shows that both murk and rsync on uncompressed data cannot compete with a well compressed file. This is because there is around 25% difference in the two files and the data is nicely compressible. It doesn't matter that the compression badly messes with the efficiency of rsync since the whole file compressed is smaller that the uncompressed deltas.

2) In a more of a backup scenario, this is my docs directory (600MB) with a new manual (100K) added.

Plain rsync 110192
mcrypt -p then rsync 80754324
murk then rsync 119486

It is in situations like this that murk can be useful. These are small changes in big pieces of data.

What's New in This Release:
Fixes after running Valgrind.
Made scanf (in murk.c) unsigned after warnings on some platforms.
Fix for ctags not being available -- murk still builds now
IV changes with each new block.
Added disclaimer to README as suggested in comment on freshmeat.

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