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mvb is a shell script written for BSD and Linux users, to "batch rename" files (change the name of many files at once) in the current

License: Freeware
File size: 21K
Developer: Steve Doonan
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mvb is a shell script written for BSD and Linux users, to "batch rename" files (change the name of many files at once) in the current working directory.

mvb is used from the command line of your current shell and invokes the Bourne shell (sh) by default, or the BASH shell (by editing the first line of the script), to execute the script.

It is ideal for users who have directories of images or other files that are related by theme.


To install the script, after un-gzipping and untarring
mvb.tgz (the actual filename will include the version
number, like this: mvb_1.7.2.tgz):

gunzip mvb.tgz
tar -xvf mvb.tar

or both at once with:

tar -xvzf mvb.tgz

change to the mvb directory and copy mvb to one of the
directories of executable files listed in your $PATH

echo $PATH
cp mvb /usr/local/bin (or wherever you wish)

Change to the directory you copied mvb to, and change its
permissions so that it is executable. For example:

chmod a+x mvb

When you are ready to use the script, change to the directory
whose files you would like to rename, then type the command mvb,
followed by a space, then any options you would like to specify
(type: mvb -h for help) followed by a space, then the new name
you would like the files in that directory to have, then type
RETURN or ENTER and follow the prompts, if any.

NOTE: The first time you use mvb, you may wish to read its
embedded help file which explains how the script works and how
to customize its behavior. You can do this at any time by

mvb -h

FILE PERMISSIONS: If you would like for this script NOT to
change the permissions for each file in the directory, in
addition to renaming them, comment out (add an initial #) the
line near the end that reads:

chmod 664 "$I"

so that it reads:

# chmod 664 "$I"

or change the permissions indicated in that command
to whatever you prefer.

--> refer to the man page:

man 1 chmod

If, on your computer, sh is not located in /bin/sh, or if you
would like to change the script so that it uses BASH instead,
open mvb using a TEXT editor (not a word processor) and change
the path on the first line of the script to point to the
location on your computer of either the Bourne shell (sh) or the
BASH shell (bash). At your shell's command prompt, type:

which sh
which bash

to see where sh or bash is installed on your machine. Be sure
to retain the #! on the first line: just put the correct path
immediately after it, like:


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